Managing Content

Drag and drop position

In the Siteleaf UI, you can drag and drop pages and documents to change their sort position. Siteleaf will then save a numeric position field to each page/document’s front matter for you, so you can then sort the items in your template.

For example, here’s how you’d sort your “Artists” documents by their position in the Siteleaf UI:

{% assign sorted_artists = site.artists | sort:"position" %}
{% for artist in sorted_artists %}
  <li>{{ artist.title }}</li>
{% endfor %}

Handling new or unsorted documents

Documents added outside of Siteleaf may not have an explicit position set (i.e. null). By default, these documents will be positioned first when using Jekyll’s sort filter. If you prefer to position these documents last, you can add an optional "last" parameter to your sort:

{% assign sorted_artists = site.artists | sort:"position", "last" %}

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