Developing Themes

Local development

Siteleaf uses Ruby and RubyGems, and you’ll need them installed to start developing your own themes locally. The Ruby website describes how to install Ruby and RubyGems for various platforms. You’ll also need to install Bundler, a package manager for Ruby:

$ gem install bundler

Once you have everything installed, we’ll go ahead and create a new project. Create a new directory on your machine (eg. my-site), and then create a new Gemfile within that directory.

The gems you include in the Gemfile and the method for syncing your site’s content depends on your preferred development workflow.

Below are the two options available:

Option 1: GitHub Sync (suggested)

This is our suggested workflow for local development and eliminates the need for the Siteleaf Gem.

Develop your site locally using Jekyll and GitHub Sync

Option 2: Siteleaf Gem

Develop your site locally using Jekyll and the Siteleaf Gem

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