Deploy & Collaborate


You can think of Siteleaf Preview as your site’s staging environment. This is where you can preview your changes before publishing them or share the pending changes with your editor or client. When you’re logged in you’ll notice a bar at the top of your site indicating the status of your site’s preview, informing you of when the preview was last generated or if there were errors encountered generating the preview.

How it works

A site preview is built when you or a collaborator presses a “Generate preview” button in the Siteleaf admin. Depending on the complexity of your site, the build process may take anywhere from a few seconds to 30+ seconds.

If your site has been previewed before, you might see the old preview while we generate an updated preview with your latest changes. If its the first time your site has been previewed, or if your preview has expired, you’ll be presented with a loading screen until the preview has been built.

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