Getting Started

Siteleaf for Clients

Siteleaf is a simple, flexible, and easy-to-use content management system for all manner of different websites, from portfolios to blogs to marketing sites. Specifically, Siteleaf is a static site generator. This means that instead of dynamically generating the HTML and CSS for your website on-demand (usually by grabbing your content from a database), Siteleaf will compile your content once. This means faster sites, less overhead, and less setting up for you to do. There’s no need to mess about with a database, PHP, or a server at all for that matter — you can use one of our hosting options instead.

Siteleaf is fully compatible with Jekyll, the same open source technology GitHub uses to power over half a million websites. Enjoy the benefits of a large open source community, along with the accessibility of the Siteleaf interface. Use any off-the-shelf Jekyll theme, or build your own.

For a long time, static site generators have been the ideal tool for developers: they’re wicked fast, work easily with version control, and are easier to set up compared to other content management systems. But when it comes to people that are less tech-saavy, static site generators are difficult to use. They often require knowledge of the command line, and text editors aren’t always the easiest programs to manage content in.

This is where Siteleaf comes in. Siteleaf gives developers the ease of working with static site generators, while offering an easy to use interface for managing your site’s content.

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